On Guard Home Assessments

The first step in determining your security and preparedness needs is your home assessment. On Guard will come to your home and physically inspect your property based upon the criteria of the assessment package you choose. Following this inspection (or as part of the inspection) we will interview you personally to get a better idea about your biggest concerns, your budget, and how best to provide you with the piece of mind you seek.

Select which of the following security assessments best meets your needs:

1) Exterior Security Assessment
Focused on protecting your home from outside threats through deterrence and exterior security

  • Location assessment including crime report
  • Emergency response time
  • Visible crime deterrents
  • Exterior lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Window & Door Security
  • Utility security
  • Other visible security deterrents

2) Interior Security & Basic Preparedness Assessment
Focused on protecting life and property both inside and outside the home

  • Basic exterior security assessment plus…
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Basic emergency preparedness assessment
  • Interior personal and property security
  • Fire safety assessment

3) Homebuyers Assessments

Focused on informing homebuyers about potential property before they purchase

  • Basic Mover's Assessment
    • Basic Exterior Assessment
    • Free lock change-out for new owner
  • Comprehensive Mover's Assessment
    • Basic Mover’s Assessment plus…
    • Interior Security Assessment
    • Free high-security lock change-out for new owners

4) “Armageddon” Assessment
Focused on preparing for societal breakdown

  • Both interior and exterior assessments listed above
  • Energy self-sufficiency
  • Food storage
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Shelters and Safe Rooms
  • Skill-set assessment
  • Exit strategies

5) General Consulting

We also offer security and preparedness consulting on an hourly basis to meet your unique needs

  • Plan review and design for new construction or remodeling
  • Do-it-yourself projects like hidden storage, panic rooms, vaults and safes
  • 72-hour kits, food storage, water storage, and alternative energy

6) Specific Product Offering

If you already know the specific products and installations you are looking for and would prefer not to select one of our comprehensive assessments, we can provide you with a detailed estimate at no cost.

  • Install security products such as high-security locks, motion-sensor lights, window films, etc
  • Construct secret room or compartment with concealed access including high-security and storm shelters
  • Install hi-tech monitoring and home reconnaissance systems
  • Custom-designed food storage packages, 72-hour kits, rain barrels, alternative energy

To schedule an assessment or to speak with someone about your secure home needs,
call us at (864) 527-4905 or e-mail: info@GuardMyHome.com


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