Security and Preparedness Solutions

As a licensed builder and general contractor, Compass Construction and On Guard are able to implement almost any possible security and preparedness solution that could apply to your home.  From something as simple as a door lock, to something as complex as a hardened bunker capable of surviving nuclear or chemical warfare, we have the solutions to your preparedness needs.

Listed here are some of the more common solutions we offer:

Security Light
Security Lighting
- Motion and light sensor lighting fixtures provide a great deterrent and a means of discovering a threat before any damage is done.  Security lights are among the most cost-effective security features you can install.

Security Camera

Electronic Reconnaisance
- Security cameras, self-monitoring or fully monitored security products, driveway visitor detection, door and window alerts, and many other products are available to keep you informed about approaching threats or visitors to your home.

Door and Window Security - There's more to securing your home than a good deadbolt.  Door jambs and hinges can be strengthened, security and blast-rated window films can be installed, and entries can be re-designed to reduce the liklihood that doors or windows are your weakest link in a secure home.

Ballistic Protection
- We can install bullet-resistant sheathing on interior or exterior walls to provide you with areas of greater security and defense against intentional or accidental gun fire.

Solar PanelsAlternative Energy Solutions - A comprehensive security plan includes alternatives to grid-based utilities.  Without power, most homes become unlivable and completely vulnerable in a short period of time.  We can provide you with back-up power generation through many different means including back-up generators, solar power, and battery back-up systems.

Hidden Vault
Concealed Storage
- Diversion is often a more effective defense than superior force.  We can construct concealed storage spaces within your home for anything from weapons to food, or other valuables that you would rather not leave out in the open for even invited guests to see.

Hidden Access
Secure Rooms and Shelters
- Panic rooms, bomb shelters, and storm shelters, are the obvious items in this category, but we can also convert a bedroom, office, or closet into a secure location within your home to buy you time in the event of an intrusion or other crisis.  We can make these areas completely self-contained and provide alternative and concealed exits if that is what a client desires.

Food StorageFood and Water Storage - Few people realize the vulnerability our society faces when it comes to food and water distribution.  Grocery stores have three days worth of food on the shelves and contaminated tap water is only a water main break away.  Even without these vulnerabilities, what if a pandemic prevented you from leaving your home for an extended period of time?  We can provide you with a game plan for these unforeseen circumstances as well as physical solutions for these life-sustaining needs.

Emergency Planning & 72-hour Kits
- What if you had to evacuate your home on short notice; have you already packed the necessary supplies for three days worth of food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, and whatever else you might need for short-term survival?  We have the knowledge and resources to help you build your own 72-hour kit, or you can purchase one from us, already assembled.

There are many more areas we can help with your home security and preparedness needs.  If it's not listed here, simply ask us about it.  Chances are we have the ability to help you solve any problem your home might have.

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